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Who We Are

Our Mission.
To champion for protection and advancement of widow rights and to ensure rural widows in Kenya are protected from harmful cultural practices, discrimination and social-economic exclusion, alongside orphan education, care and support. And to revive communities with rural widows as change makers.

Our Vision.
To create limitless potential for widows by improving widows rights and access to justice and resources, and to rebuild lives through a series of transformative workshops and programs with enrichment opportunities that nurture self-expression, loss and grief sharing that stimulate positive growth and address emotional and cultural barriers for widows to realize their full potential.

Our Values.
• We offer understanding and compassion.
• We are committed to justice and social-transformation.
• We push boundaries as innovators.
• Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of what we do.
• We nurture leadership, self-initiative and personal responsibility.
• We are consistently consistent and persistently persistent with a high level of integrity.
• We believe that all widows deserve dignity, respect, and equal opportunity.