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Share Her Story(SHE)

The project targets rural teen mums and young women. It’s aimed to give them better health and quality of life, including reduction in anger, depression and more knowledgeable with a structured support system. Since rural girls and young women remain marginalized, drop out of school, become teen mothers and/or turn to prostitution, their plight remain unseen, unspoken and often become victims of rape that go unreported and in many cases compromise their health and those of their children, in an endless circle of abuse, neglect, infections, HIV spread and eventually more deaths.
Adolescence is a critical period for building personal autonomy and responsibility for individual health and establishing life-long behaviors. Peer pressure, gender norms, sexuality and the resulting inclusion in, or exclusion from, society dramatically shape vulnerability to HIV/AIDS , skills development and education status. Share Her story (SHE) is a safe space where the young women come together to share their stories, challenges and formulate transformative ways of coping with life as young mothers.