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Rona Centre

Rona Orphans and Widows Centre is a project currently under Rona Foundation, and has been in existence since year 2012.

RONA’s core focus at the centre is on education, health, nutrition and care which is inclusive of psycho-social support to Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC), both boys and girls, who are both infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Currently RONA Centre is home to 166 children (26 residential and 140 who are supported through our outreach program). RONA is building lasting partnerships as well as engage the community in supporting and protecting the orphaned children at the perishing lakeshore villages.

Through the support of our friends and partners, RONA is envisioning self-sustainable projects geared towards ensuring our children are well catered for.


The Founder, Roseline Orwa establishes the centre at inhabited land in Wagoma village, which she bought with a little support from her brother, then later moved the children from her mother’s house to the centre. The number of orphaned children is still overwhelming.  Rona depends on the Founder’s resources, local churches and individuals for the children’s basic needs to date.