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Rona Revolving Fund

Rona Revolving Fund (RRF)
Rona offers micro matching grants to active rural based widow groups for income generating projects to lift them out of poverty. The groups use the fund(s) to start income generating projects, or boost their businesses either as individuals or group. The Rona Revolving Fund anchored on enterpreneurship training using the SBS (Street Business School) Model is aimed to empower rural widows to embrace socio-economic activities. The fund range from 5,000/= to 25,000/=. A vetting process is conducted to determine group registration, business idea, member’s commitment and record keeping. So far, Rona has supported over 8 widow groups with RRF Funds totaling 60,000/=, namely, Miganga Widows, Bondo,  Kwe gi Hera, Alego, Uhendo Widows, Bondo, and  Amallo Widows, Rarieda  and amongst others. And it has impacted over 200 widows who currently have increased their ROSALO funds to a rising 200,000/=, and growing. The Revolving funds are sourced from partners, and friends of Rona.