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Rona Masterclass

This is an active participatory classroom-based workshop designed for individuals, teams, organized groups, middle level managers, social workers and team leads. It is also tailored for skilled and semi-skilled persons who may/may not have gone through higher education.
The Master Class provokes critical thinking, talent utilization, demystifies the power of personal stories for impactful and transformative change, with ability to transfer knowledge and skills through use of effective language and storytelling techniques. It ignites self-motivation and self-assessment for emotional intelligence, improved team work, organisational efficiency and advances personal growth.

The Rona Master Class is delivered through the Rona Foundation as an independent and distinct programme for key target groups, programme facilitators and partner organisations.

The Modules covered are: Self-Concept, Personal Brand/Image, Results Based Management, Leadership & Teamwork, Radical Feedback, Futuristic Thinking, Story Telling for Change with Experiential Sharing across modules.

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Rona Master Class Lead and Academic Director – Joyce Omuse

Joyce’s story

My name is Joyce Omuse. I am an English teacher residing in the U.K.
Roseline Orwa and I have been friends for a long time. Friends barely begins to describe it. Through her actions and sacrifice, she has saved and changed my life and through me, my family members’ lives. And that is not an exaggeration.

I appear to be one of God’s favourites, because I have been rescued and helped by many people. But the most significant help I received came from Roseline.

I lost my father at 18 and my mother at 19. And life steadily got worse from there. The jolting shock of their deaths notwithstanding, next came the realisation that myself and my siblings were very sheltered. Up until then we weren’t wealthy but we were comfortable. Nothing could have prepared us from the isolation and the loss of protection that comes from losing your parents. More than just the loss I had (and still have) a very difficult time understanding how your own family could treat you like a stranger simply because your parents are no longer there to protect you. Myself and my sister worked together to educate and help our two younger siblings. In 2000 my sister and her husband died. Leaving me their 4yr old daughter. So, at the age of 25 I had a family to raise.

I met Roseline shortly before my mother’s death. We quickly became friends. Not the usual party friends of your twenties. There was always something deeper in our interactions than mere friendship. We have gone through so much together that it is sometimes difficult to imagine how we are both still standing. Through that friendship, and the support of her brother in law, who was a senior government officer, I ended up in Britain in 2008 – where reside and work to date. I came as a government sponsored student, and now work as teacher and a budding author.

I often joke with Roseline that my face ought to be on the Rona Logo. Reason being that I was the very first orphan she helped. Despite the truth of that, the acts of rescue, compassion, inclusion and basic salvation from the extreme pain of being ‘mfiwa’ (the bereaved) performed by the Rona Foundation, have been happening long before there even was a ‘Rona Foundation’. And the next time I find myself at Rona, Corona allowing, you will find me cleaning shoes, visiting widows, teaching the children vocabulary with sweets as bribery or making Roseline a tray and forcing her to eat something before her next meeting. She forgets sometimes.

If asked, Roseline would probably give you a list of the exact and precise roles I fill at the Rona foundation. The truth is, whatever she needs me to do is exactly what I will do. Any time. Day or night. I have cooked, cleaned, made beds, donated money, shucked harvested grain (despite being a city girl), done data entry, supervised events, done haberdashery (for school uniforms), edited documents, overseen proposals, fundraised, participated in boardroom meetings… it’s a long list. There is nothing that I would not do for her. No one else on this earth has that privilege.

Today, I support the Rona School as the Academic Director and Rona Master Class Lead.

I am blessed, honoured, inspired and truly humbled to know this truly Phenomenal Woman. She is worthy of Maya Angelou herself.