Rona Foundation – our Board

Dr. Consilia Aoko Omuga

Dr. Concilia, a professional teacher, a women’s leader, a widow and a mother; holds a degree in education and a PhD. in Sociology- specializing in Social problems.
Her work cuts across the Kenyan Society, having begun her career as a humble classroom teacher, staffing officer and rose to the ranks of director of secondary and tertiary education – the highest position under the directorate.
Concilia later resigned to ran for a political office (Women Representative) in Siaya County in the March 2013 General Elections and came in a close second.

Janet Anyango – Project Coordinator

Janet lost her father when she was barely a child. She learnt hard work and endurance from her mother.
Born and raised in both urban and rural set ups, Janet understood that only education and hard work would be her pillar of success in life.
She joined Buru Buru School of Art, Kenya and graduated with a Diploma in Graphic design. She was employed in leading design houses in the country and later set her own company- Crystal Outdoor & Advertising, a company she runs to date.
In 2013, Janet lost her child, and her understanding of grief deepened. As she graduates in 2014  from United States International University, in Women Empowerment Studies, she is a key staff in coordination, seeking donations and linking with Rona partners.

Elizabeth Yaa – Teen-Mums Coordinator

Elizabeth Yaa is an orphaned raised young woman who lives and works with teen-mums in Kibera.
She runs several micro-business ventures, and supports a young women and teen-mums.
She grew up in a rural village in Rarieda, Siaya County. Elizabeth’s experience spans from the rural set up where young women drop out of school and become teen-mums and end up becoming young widows.
Her knowledge of working with young women is an added advantage to Rona’s programs in implementing programs in remote rural communities.
She is a mother of three children and lives in Kibera.

Advisory Board

Benard Osure – Interior Architect

Benard Osure is an interior Architect based in Nairobi and currently working with Villamax Services Ltd as the Director. He holds a degree in B.A.Arch from the University of Nairobi.
He is a passionate supporter of the vunerable in society – that is why he works for and supporta Rona Foundation in the Advisory board.
He is God fearing and a member of Synod of the ACK Diocese of Maseno West. Married to Leah and 4 kids Betty, Noella and Emmanuel.

Johannes Bramann – Fundraising and Business Consultant

Johannes is a Ph.D. candidate in development economics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and is researching the barriers and enablers faced by the Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Nairobi.
He holds a fellowship of the German National Merit Foundation and looks back on several years of experience in the area of management consulting, among others working for Capgemini Consulting and Deutsche Telecom AG.
As project leader and consultant for the Dutch Social enterprise consultant SECEUR, Johannes further worked for clients such as UNICEF and Hope India.
For Rona,  Johannes is currently involved in process optimization, formalization of structures and documentation as well as in several fundraising efforts.

Clarissa Maracci – Networking & Media Consultant

Clarissa Maracci is a freelance journalist and advocacy consultant who is passionate about youth empowerment, women empowerment, and human rights.
In 2016, she was awarded the Knight VICE Fellowship for Journalism Innovation and attended the CUNY School of Journalism in NYC. She graduated in Law from the University of Bologna in 2010.
Clarissa is the co-founder of Sauti ya Mtaa, a citizen journalism project based in Nairobi. She joined the Rona Board as a Communication Advisor in 2015.

Felipe Brescancini – Advocate

Felipe Brescancini is a questioner who wants to make a difference.
He is confident that his purpose is to open the eyes of the privileged ones so they become conscious, truly responsible and change-makers for equal opportunities to everyone.
He quit the individual careless living mood and co-founded Think Twice Brasil, a social movement developed to bring awareness about social and environmental challenges and to engage to people to become changemakers through exercising empathy.
Boring part: Ten years marketing career in P&G, Business graduate, Communication post-graduate, Social Business specialized. He is Brazilian and enjoys life.

Gabriele Garcia

Gabriele Garcia, a Brazilian dreamer and passionate for serving others.
She graduated in law at PUC/São Paulo, post graduated in Corporate Law and specialized in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Fundação Getúlio Vargas Business School and in social business at ARTEMISIA.
Together with Felipe, she is the co-founder of Think Twice Brasil.

Prime Kasuku – Designer, Creative & Communication Practioner

Prime Kasuku is  a communication practitioner, obsessively-driven, diversely-experienced creative director guided by a belief that good isn’t good enough.
He is also an art director, designer, doer, manager, leader, mentor, presenter and builder of creative departments in small, medium and large agencies and cities. Prime is a husband, dad and cyclist, who is full of energy and passion.
Prime believes good can almost always be bettered, and makes him a non believer in good ideas. He believes great ideas can come from any sized budget or account, who remains a stronger believer in Prime cares about people and their portfolios because they acknowledge great work.
In his words, ‘I care more about my family, friends and Volkswagen Golf GTI because they could care less about awards – sometimes..!!’

Cindy Toledo

Cindy Toledo is a remarried widow who is a Chapter Leader in Seattle, WA for Modern Widows Club.
She was named Role Model of the Year in 2017 at the MWC Widows Empowerment Weekend. After her husband died from a sudden heart attack in July 2011 she was compelled to find ways to reach out to others suffering from grief and loss. She became certified as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist in 2017.
Cindy found Roseline Orwa and Rona Foundation online through the Modern Widows Club Facebook page where began their friendship. She and her husband Robert visited Rona in 2017 where they spoke to widow groups and participated in building a home for a village widow. Her heart and passion is to see widows empowered to be resilient and to thrive in spite of their loss.

Grace Wachori

Grace Wachori is a motivational speaker, counselor, entrepreneur and Founder of Legado International. Her passion is in helping people live positively and achieve their best version yet. She works with the Teenage girls and boys at Rona Foundation Centre on psychosocial support matters. She is also mobilises donations including clothes, blankets, shoes and sanitary towels.

Grace remains an active friend of Rona, and participates in organizing the annual widows festival in coordination with Rona partners.