Climate Justice

Mitigating the Climate Change Crisis

Rona Foundation-climate-justice

We fight to mitigate climate change crisis by educating key populations on climate justice and possible approaches to bridge the information gap in Siaya County.
We do this by conducting discourses to raise awareness on the effect of climate change on agricultural systems and the impact it has on food security. We promote sustainable environmentally friendly activities such as establishing tree nurseries (for afforestation purposes), practicing environmental, building and use of energy-saving stoves.

We also do this by educating learners through an intervention dubbed Plant & Play, youth and widow groups on the need for environmental protection and establishing environmental clubs in primary schools.
We also encourage our widows and community to adopt environmental friendly economic activities for sustainable livelihoods aimed to reduce degradation and increase forest cover in Siaya county by:-

  • Establishing forums on discourse on Climate change and its impact on widow’s livelihoods.
  • Forming Disaster Alert groups in South Sakwa and the larger Siaya County with our partner, Siaya Muungano Network.
  • Establishing a partnership with GIZ on training – targeting widows as builders of energy saving stoves.
  • Recommending a study on the impact of artisanal mining on public health, environment and livelihoods – to the county Government of Siaya, and various stakeholders through the assessment of social and environmental impact of gold mining after the death of 2 gold miners in Abimbo.
  • Promoting environmental friendly economic activities i.e. cage farming and waste management to investors – now working with African Blue- fish-farmer in Uyawi.

Plant & Play

Rona Foundation-Plant-and-Play

The project targets children in school with a mission to inspire them to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees – as they play ball games.
Our vision is to lead children towards a world where trees are used to solve issues critical to survival by relentlessly delivering value – in a fun and safe guarded knowledge environment.

Currently the project is targeting 5 primary schools in South Sakwa, Bondo with plans for expansion to 10 primary schools in the region and 30 widow groups in 2023. It is supported by UEFA Foundation for children through Water4Wildlife – aimed to achieve a robust reforestation through sports – football in particular.

Through this program, the Rona School of Excellence has established a tree nursery with over 1000 assorted tree seedlings, and initiated an intervention of planting a tree every day at the Rona Centre – and so far planted 300 trees in 2022 with the aim of reaching 5000 trees by December 2024.

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