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Our Mission

To revive communities with rural widows as change makers.  

Our Vision

To advance rural widows rights, access to justice and resources.

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Qualified 501c3 Chapter of Serving Others USA



Rona’s advocates for the inclusion of rural widows in gender and human rights spheres, by using innovative approaches for right-holders to contribute, demand & respond to social injustices and inequalities.

Rona Centre

RONA’s core focus at the centre is on education, health, nutrition and care which is inclusive of psycho-social support to widows, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

Our Needs

Rona seeks funding & support for self-sustainable projects geared towards ensuring our widows & children are well catered for.

‘It took us many years, to turn the painful stories to scientific evidence and data, and to break the culture of silence associated with widow cleansing and abuse. More and more widows are now coming forward and their collective voice is being amplified and getting heard’.

Roseline Orwa, Founder, Rona Foundation.

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No Woman Should Lose Her Rights & Dignity Because She Lost Her husband.