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Rona Foundation is a widow human rights organisation in Kenya

We champion and advance the rights of women – mostly widows, who continue to suffer exclusion and marginalisation

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Rona Foundation-tree-planting

Climate Justice

We promote sustainable environmentally friendly activities such as establishing tree nurseries, building and use of energy-saving stoves. We also educate learners through an intervention dubbed Plant & Play.
Rona Foundation Social empowerment

Know your rights

We create safe spaces to empower widows through a series of transformative workshops to increase agency - make better decisions.
#WajibuWetu - Rona FoundationWidows Economic Empowerment

Improve Livelihoods

Through social and economic empowerment programs, we educate and strengthen relations to protect widows from SGBV, increase social capital and provide micro business grants.
Rona Foundation: Stop Widow Abuse in Kenya

Protect & Sustain

We transform structures by collective advocacy at community, county and national level by creating awareness around harmful gender norms, perceptions and attitudes towards widows that deny them their rights, dignity and body autonomy.
Rona Centre Kenya

Rona Centre

Through the Rona Centre in Wagoma, Siaya County, we offer education support, agriculture and health services for the empowerment of rural widows and orphans.
Fr. Alois, of Legio Maria Church

Indigenous African Churches: Leading Climate Change Actions and Creating Safe Spaces for Women and Girls in Siaya County

As Voice to Action project moves forward, it is crucial for all climate change actors, county government and church leadership, ...
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Mbaga Forest

Crisis in Mbaga Forest: Deforestation, Pollution, and Health Risks Loom in Bondo (Siaya)

Mbaga Forest, located in Siaya, Kenya, is facing severe environmental challenges such as deforestation, charcoal burning, open defecation, and a ...
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International Women’s Day 2023 – #DigitALL for Widows

As we mark International Women’s Day 2023: themed “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, we – widow organisations must ...
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#16Days of Activism: Rona’s ONE Action Campaign

In the 16 days of activism through our ONE Action Campaign, we are amplifying the voice of the widows ...
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