Volunteer with the Rona Foundation

It really takes a village.

Our centre is a hub of anything is possible, transformational programming, love, nurturing, support, creativity, mentorship and inspiration.
The work we do at the rural villages is where all of it begins. We could NOT do this without the generous and tireless support of our amazing volunteers.

Whether you want to support a widow, run a medical camp, teach a workshop to inspire and share your gift with our widows & orphans or lend a helping hand and shoulder of support at the centre or in a classroom, bring your heart & skills. WE NEED YOU!

Humanitarian Tours/Volunteer Hosting

The world is full of good people spread across the globe who love to voluntarily give their time, skills and finances to other people in need. we work in Siaya County, cordinating logistics, linking individuals, groups and organizations (CSR outreach) with rural communities, cordinate supplies and community work; and eventually blending it with tourist safari for an ultimate gratification. We host mission teams, short and long term volunteer experience at Rona Centre.

Please tell us about yourself and we aim to get back to you within 48 hours