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In February 2017 the The Global TIMBo Empowerment Project in partnered with Rona Foundation and completed phase 1 of our 3 phase training. This project brought together 35 widow leaders from 5 counties, with 30 women change makers from USA, and was funded entirely by fundraiser dollars raised by the American Women.

Timbo believes trauma survivors can become powerful healers and change makers in their communities. To help improve global access to mental health and wellbeing, TIMBo partners with like-minded organizations in some of the world’s most marginalized societies to provide a simple, accessible and powerful tool for re-empowerment at virtually no cost to them.
The 35 widow leaders are being trained to become TIMBo Facilitators and to spread TIMBo through their widow groups and communities. Today, they use the skill in every workshop and training, Gladys Ochiel , a young widow leader, gets hired by schools to teach TIMBO to both secondary and primary school children. Phase 2 and 3 remain incomplete.